Easy Mind Map Pro


Pro Version make your plan faster and more efficient to complete

It can make your plan complete faster and more efficiently. If you're preparing a plan and you're having trouble moving the project forward, or if you're going to do a project and don't know how to start, it's a very useful tool for you. Help you complete your project quickly and effectively. Software design is free. You can make a series of custom arrangements according to your needs, and the friendly visual design allows you to quickly understand the implementation of the plan. Many areas of work are used very widely, such as in software development, personnel arrangement ratio, and many other aspects. Project cross-platform support, can work under operating systems such as macOS, iOS, Windows, Andoid and so on. Okay, your plan starts here!

Install using the OS Platform Store

Version description



Bug fixed: Empty Node Details when nodes are deleted
Bug fixed: Empty Passage Editor when nodeis are deleted
function: node replication
function: node mobility
function: Node recursive expansion and shrinkage
function: Node recursive application skin
Function: Optimize Help Information
Function: Add shortcuts
F1: Turn the help panel on and off
F5: Turn Node Detail panel on and off
Ctrl + ↑  ↓ ← →: Switching selected nodes
Ctrl + Alt + ↑ ↓ ← →: Move selected nodes
Ctrl + > : expand the node
Ctrl + < : shrink the node
Ctrl + Alt + > : Recursive expand the node
Ctrl + Alt + < : Recursive shrink the node